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What is Aland Island Baltic Sea Adventure?

This is another  Project envelopment  Amateur Radio and Tourism.   We never been in Baltic Sea ! We've look around, and found out excellent conditions here on this Friendly Aaland island.               

Of course  we have no problem with language and also to get  license and permitions to operate , you can also  enjoy a small vacations with some fun operating radio just bring your gear and small antenna and you can disfrute a nice vacations. But Remember you shouldn't monopolize your hollidays spend time to visiting Mueseums, Sightseeing, take same photos, speak with islanders friends, share you culture with others .


Welcome to ALAND Islands in Baltic Sea.. The purpose of this web is to  promote Amateur Radio and DX and explain why we choose these Beautiful and Peaceful Islands.

This is also can be a  good way to human relationship and cultural knowledge between people from different cultures.


One of the real thrills offered to licensed amateur radio operator is the opportunity to work DX.  That thrill is trebled when the DXing is done from some exotic out-of-the way place.  Unfortunately most of us have neither the time nor the money to travel extensively ... crossing oceans to far-flung islands on Pacific or Indian Ocean. We may never visit the other continents nor hope to ham from the moon. However, there is nothing to prevent any ham from sharing in the thrill of a DXpedition within reach of a simple transportation, in short vacation periods, and best of all  on a  exotic and paradísiac island.  The wife permitting, the rig usually accompanies the family on every summer vacation. Installing the antenna  and the rig is as important as setting up the the bungalow and preparing the first meal. The working of DX is fairly simple if the equipments  includes WARC and 6 meters bands. If you have never taken 6 meters equipment as your .This is the most exciting and interesting pleasures in all of ham radio you don't miss this.  Having decided what is to go, it is well to talk over with the rest of the family where 2  weeks vacation is to be spent.  We decided here on Aland Islands


Where is Aland Islands  ?

Aland islands are  located in Baltic Sea between Sweden An Finland crossed by 60 º Paralell North. Is a beautiful and Peacefull Place . The nature, the Hospitality from Nordic People and Quite place are  the important reasons for a SUPER Vacations. You can have all informations about Aland in many places but you have to visit the Oficial Site of Aland . Ther are lot of conections on the sea and by air to the islands from Finland and from Sweden. Inclueding from South of Europe it's very easier . From Portugal or Spain there are Regular flights to Helsinqui and from there you have conections by flights directo to Marieham FAST Aland .  We've provided a number of resources here to help you how to visit Aland , an prepare a Super Vacations with your family on Nordic Island of Aland. Ofcourse suggest improvements to our objective encourage new generation operators and promote  amateur radio.


The Activity Story

We leave Lisbon on 26th July at 22h30 (Local) and arrived Helsinqui International Airport on 27th July (05h00)Local . There are 2 Hours differerent between CT and OH. At.10h30 we take the Flight to Marienham on Air ALAND  .  On  Alands Airport our Car (we've rent on ST1) was awaitting and than take the 1 Route , 3 Route and finally we arrived at Lemland . Very Nice and Quite place with Forest and a particular sea view and  boat. I start to mount the  Vertical. My station was LOW-POWER just  100 Watts with a Kenwood Transceiver.

On Aland Island we'd only 3 hours Night all the rest are almost daylight.

This year I'de change my operation style, NOT looking for break any Rekords, NOT use High Power,  Not Many Antennas, NO STRESS AT ALL.

I didn't  made any QSO on RTTY due to a damage on Cable Connection between Micro-Hamkeyer  and Transceiver .

My idea is spend a Nice and Quite Vacations disfruting the place,  visiting islands around ,  Museums  and sighteseeing.

On total We've drive around  500 Kms  visiting different Islands and Places from Aland like Finsstrom, Saltvic,  Eckero, Hammarland, Luparland, Mockero .

There are lot of Birds on everywhere on the water on the forest , my Xyl  took  many photos. Dedicate time to the Nature we decide to take a sea tour for visited seals.   

I operate mostly on A1A Mode (CW), even I'm NOT a SUPER Operator believe I've tried my best .  Of course I recognize that I'm improving and perhaps Next time I will be better.

On the final I've Made 2.600 QSO's .

My First QSO was on 27.July.2009  14h31 14.260 kHz  SSB     JH1XUP

My Last QSO was on 05.Aug.2009 09h25  18.083 kHz CW     SQ1EIX

 I've worked  67 DXCC Countries  as follows:

Africa : 






North America:




South America:


The Propagation condtions were Not Good most of the time with strongly QSB Signals. No Conditions at all on 28 MHZ (10 Meters Band) , on 24 MHZ I've a few on the Log on Phone and CW . I've spend half an hour calling Phone and CW. 17 Meters was good conditions on SSB and CW many South Europe stations with good signals. 20 Meters Band usually open dayli and in the Night I've made many QSO's on CW.  30 Meters (10MHZ) was my favourite band work Lot of DX with my vertical antenna includes PY, V7, ZL, KL, those stations with good signals . I must Say that Many Stations from Asia including JAs, UA9, UA0 with Very STRONG Signals .  On 7 MHz (40 Meters)  the band very Noisy special at evening, but was nice to hear some good friends .

I took my wire  Gustav Kelemen Antenna for Warc and 10 to 80 Meters. On 80 Meters I couldn't have a good result so I Give up to dedicate time for 80 Meters.  

Thank you very much for all the QSO's . 

Was lot of Fun with some  pile-ups on Phone and CW . Many stations work me on more than a 2 Bands and 2 differente Modes. 

Our objective was encourage new generation operators and promote  amateur radio. All complete Log already uploaded on web-page.

If your call appears incorrectly just let me know and i will check again the details on QSO.  

  More Photos Here...

My greatful  for following who made possibility my trip to Baltic, OH5DX Ari, OH1MN Markus, Mr. Joahnsson, Mr. Karlssrom, Mrs. Marie Louise, Viking Line,  Air Aland,  Phillip from ST1 Rent Car, Marienham Bibliotec . lot of Fun with some  pile-ups on Phone and CW . Many stations work me on more than a 2 Bands and 2 differente Modes. 

Our objective was encourage new generation operators and promote  amateur radio. All complete Log already updated and on-line.


Save the Märket Reef Lighthouse

That I'm working for promoting and preserving Lighthouse ofcourse I couldn't resist to accept the Finnish Lighthouse Society helping on preserving has started a campaign to save the lighthouse of rket Lighthouse, which is in bad shape and needs to be repaired. After the lighthouse was empty for 30 years, the society made sure that the lighthouse got a new lighthouse-keeper in 2007. In 2009 it will probably be the third summer that the society staffs the lighthouse with guards who receive and guide visitors to the lighthouse. Look here the Excelent good Job from Finish Lighthouse Society

Read more about M
ärket Reef Lightouse here at the Lighthouse Societys webpage:
If you visiting Aland Islands In the summer you can also call directly to Märket to hear if you can moor your boat at the island, phone +358 40 8499 333, 9 am-9 pm in June-August From Eckerö there is a fast cabin boat connection to Märket. The drive takes 45 minutes. The boat stays around two hours on Märket. Next propable dates are 28.-29.7. and 4.-5.8, also trips on demand. Also other dates possible. For smaller groups (3-4) there are direct boat connection from Mariehamn when weather allows.


My Sincere Apologies and sorry for those who expected for my Operation as OJØ/CT1BWW but due to have only a few hours on the island and because TWO Operations approach OJ0B  and OJ0J  Suomi Operatores and Japanese Operators I decide to postpone my operation from MarketReef for other time.

But certainly I will be back to Market Reef.

"OJ0B and OJ0J will be active from Market Reef from the afternoon of August 6 until the morning of August 10.  OH2PM, Pertti, will focus on
the Worked All Europe CW Contest as OJ0B.  OH2TA, Pekka, and OH3JR, Henry, will operate OJ0J mainly on the WARC-bands, CW, SSB and RTTY.
OH0RJ, Lars, is this time supporting the team from his home QTH.  The team will leave some antennas and equipment up for OH1TX and his
Japanese team who will take over on Monday, August 10 for two more days using the OJ0J call.  They will be looking for possible 6 meter
openings from time to time. There will be no 160 meter activity on this trip but they hope to activate 160M in September.  Pertti says he
hopes the winds are not too strong to let them move all the antennas, radios, fuel and food onto the rock.

About Åland  PLEASE LOOK 

THIS FILM from Government of Aland  HERE

Main Objective

  • Promoting Amateur Radio and DX!
  • Tourism and Adventure.
  • Bird Watching and Photography
  • Sightseeing and Trekking
  • The objective of the DX'pedition is to establish as many contacts as possible working radio amateurs around the world.        
  • Maintained all bands on the move.      
  • We have the honour to invite the radio amateurs all over the world and SWL stations to participate on our DX'pedition

Date: DXpedition from July  26th to August 6th, 2009.

Vacations Style

Operating plan:
CW and SSB on all bands 80 through 10 meters. Other modes possible (RTTY, PSK31 etc.)

Aland in brief

  • Inhabitants: 25.392
  • Language: Swedish
  • Currency: Euro € is the official currency but most service spots also accept Swedish crowns.
  • Time: Eastern European time
  • Total area: 6 787 km2
  • A total of more than 6 500 island of which 65 are inhabited.
   LEMLAND KOMUNN is exactly the place we already choice to be our home during 2 weeks this is really a beautiful place with everything you need for nice Vacations more information   HERE

Here you can see the actual Solar Flux      A-Index           K-Index          X-Ray                           Also the conditions per Band.

Conforme se pode ver no Mapa abaixo o Arquipélago das  Aland (Åland no sueco, Ahvenanmaa em finlandês)ficam situadas entre a Suécia  , aproximadamente 65 milhas leste de Estocolmo, Sweden. Os primeiros habitantes das ilhas  foram os povos de Nordic, chamados hoje Alanders. Os povos de Aland desenvolveram uma árvore geneológica específica, diferente de outros escandinavos, estando  isolado e uma forte ligação ao mar. A maior parte dos Alanders é considerado ser Sueco.  Os  Alanders , habitantes de Aland foram influenciados por culturas suecos e dinamarquesas no desenvolvimento adiantado de Escandinávia. Hoje, o Arquipélgado de de Aland são uma província autónoma com um dealeto sueco de Finlandia. O Arquipérlago das Aland é composto por  6.500 ilhas, ilhéus e ilhotas  rochosas que cobrem 572 milhas quadradas e conhecidas como lugar de Turismo, Lazer. A maior Ilha é chamada Fasta Åland (Ilha principal de Aland) onde habita 90% da população. Estende sobre mais de 70% da área de terra total de Aland.    A população de Aland no século XVIII era aproximadamente 11.000, habitando 80 ilhas. Em 1905 havia uns 22.000 habitantes, vivendo em 150 ilhas. Hoje apenas existem 25.000 habitantes residentes ocupando sómente 65 ilhas. Quase metade da população vive em Mariehamn, a única cidade em Aland. O distrito o menor, e igualmente o menor em toda o Finlândia, fica no  distrito exterior na ilha de Sottunga, com apenas 130 habitantes. Desde há muito que se sabe que os  Alanders foram povos nórdicos faladores suecos, com sua cultura que se assemelha próxima àda Suécia, com variações locais. Durante o século X os estabelecimentos densos começaram no ilha principal onde um grande número cemitérios do farmstead e fundações da casa ainda existem (da era 800 - de Viquingue ANÚNCIO 1000). As conexões de comércio extensivas foram feitas com os países vizinhos em o 1ø século (veja rotas de Viquingue), e os primeiros traços de cristandade emergeram. Aland' as igrejas as mais velhas de s foram construídas durante o  século XII. Aland e Finlandia transformaram-se peça da coroa sueca sob o rei Olav durante o  século XIII. No século XIV, foi construído na ilha principal principal, em um o castelo de Kastelholm viu  principal centro nos séculos XV e  XVI.   Nos Séculos  XVII e XVIII  as ilhas foram palco de  muitos conflitos, forçando muitos habitantes aos a abandorem as ilhas e fugirem para o continente suecos e finlandeses.

As you can see on the above map the Aland islands (Åland in Swedish, Ahvenanmaa in Finnish) are positioned between eastern Sweden and southwestern Finland, about 65 miles east of Stockholm, Sweden.  The islands were originally settled by Nordic peoples, today called Alanders.  The Aland people developed a specific geneology, different from other Scandinavians, being both isolated and connected by sea.  Still, Alanders are considered to be Swedes. 

    The Alanders were influenced by Swedish and Danish cultures in the early development of Scandinavia.  Today, the Aland Islands are an autonomous and unilingually Swedish province of Finland.  Aland is made up of over 6,500 islands and rocky outcrops covering 572 square miles and are known for their  The largest island is called Fasta Åland (Main Island of Aland) where 90% of the population live.  It extends over more than 70% of the total land area of Aland (see map on left).  The population of Aland in the 18th century was about 11,000, inhabiting 80 of the islands.  In 1905 there were some 22,000 inhabitants, living on 150 islands.  Today just over 25,000 inhabitants live on only 65 of the islands.  Nearly half the population live in Mariehamn, the only city in Aland.  The smallest district, and also the smallest in all Finland, is the outer island district of Sottunga, with some 130 inhabitants

As far back as is known the Alanders have been Swedish speaking Nordic peoples, with their culture closely resembling that of Sweden, with local variations.  During the 10th century, dense settlements began on the Main Island where large numbers of farmstead cemeteries and house foundations still exist (from the Viking era 800 - 1000 AD).  Extensive trade connections were made with neighboring countries by the 11th century (see Viking routes), and the first traces of Christianity emerged.  Aland's oldest churches were built during the 12th century.  Aland and Finland became part of the Swedish Crown under King Olav during the 13th century.  In the 14th century, Kastelholm Castle was built on the Main Island, a major center through the 15th and 16th centuries.  Aland saw much conflict during the 17th and 18th centuries, forcing many inhabitants to Swedish and Finnish mainlands.

Qth Location Map  

QTH  KNUTSBODA Lemland Island
Long x Lat 60º,4',46"0 N x 20º,0'33" E
DXCC OHØ, Aaland Island  Baltic Sea
WAZ 15
ITU 18
Grid KP00ab
The QTH is situated on the sourthern part of the Lemland  island , near to the village Knutsboda.

Mail address:

Stations from Aland Islands are valid for 60ºPARALELL NORTH AWARD.    More information about this Award HERE

O local escolhido para a nossa base vai ser a Comuna de Lemland na Ilha do mesmo nome, ficando na parte sul do Arquipélago.  Ålandé uma região autónoma de origem sueca mas actualmente pertence á Finlandia com o seu própriom Governo, bandeira; uma bandeira azul com cruz amarela/vermelha. Åland igualmente tem seus próprios selos, placas de licença de automóvel e seu próprio domínio na internet conhecido como .ax. Há um total de 25.392 pessoas que vivem em Åland nas 16 municipalidades diferentes. Das ilhas que fazem parte do Aquipélago a maior é Fasta Aland aonde se situa única cidade em Åland, Mariehamn. A cidade foi fundada em 1861 e é hoje o centro para a indústria e a política. É aqui igualmente o governo de Åland, chamado " Landskapsregering, " localizado. Vida econômica As indústrias as mais importantes em Åland estão enviando, comércios, operação bancária, cultivo e indústria alimentar. O transporte foi sempre especial importante para Åland e nenhuma outra indústria teve tal influência na população. Visite o museu marítimo, o navio Pommern do museu e o quarto marítimo em Mariehamn para encontrar mais sobre a história de retirada do transporte. Típico para Åland Original para Åland são o arquipélago sem tocar e a terra firme bonita, liso desgastado pelo gelo interno, com a cor vermelha típica do granito de Åland. Com seus 6.500 consoles Åland oferece um mundo do console onde o mar esteja sempre atual. Por acaso sabe que Åland tem a maioria de luz do sol de todos os países nórdicos de maio com agosto? Símbolos de Åland são igualmente os pólos dos plenos Verões com seus ornamento coloridos e os moinhos de vento antiquados. Você encontra-os por exemplo no museu do ar aberto de janeiro Karlsgården em Kastelholm. O museu igualmente descreve uma exploração agrícola típica de Åland do fim do 1800' s. Åland no sumário Habitantes: 25.392 Língua: Sueco Moeda: A moeda oficial é o  euro- €  mas a maioria de lojas e serviçoa igualmente aceitam coroas suecos. Tempo: Oriental - tempo europeu Área total: 6 787 km2 Um total mais de do console 6 500 de que 65 são

More about Åland !

A brief story about Viking in Åland During the Viking Age Åland was organized into stable community system. The archipelago offered many sheltered natural harbours for the merchants, and Åland became involved in transit trade. Today these islands are autonomous part of Finland, but culturally they are still Swedish . Åland is an autonomous and unilingually Swedish region in Finland with its own flag; a blue flag with a yellow/red cross. Åland also has its own stamps, licence plates and its own top domain (.ax).

There are a total of 25,392 persons living in Åland in 16 different municipalities. Of them some 10,800 live in the only town in Åland, Mariehamn. The town was founded in 1861 and is today the centre for industry and politics. Here is also the Åland Government, called "Landskapsregering," located.

Other information about Vikings in Aland please look here

Economic life
The most important industries in Åland are shipping, trade, banking, farming and food industry. Shipping has always been especially important for Åland and no other industry has had such influence on the population.

Visit the Maritime Museum, the Museum Ship Pommern and the Maritime Quarter in Mariehamn to find out more about the exiting shipping history.

Typical for Åland
Unique for Åland is the untouched archipelago and the beautiful bedrock, worn smooth by the inland ice, with the typical red colour of the Åland granite. With its 6.500 islands Åland offers an island world where the sea is always present. Did you know that Åland has the most sunshine of all the Nordic countries from May through August?

Distinctive for Åland is also the midsummer poles with their colourful ornaments and the old-fashioned windmills. You find them for example at the Jan Karlsgården open air museum in Kastelholm. The museum also depicts a typical Åland farm from the end of the 1800's.

Åland in brief

  • Inhabitants: 25.392
  • Language: Swedish
  • Currency: Euro € is the official currency but most service spots also accept Swedish crowns.
  • Time: Eastern European time
  • Total area: 6 787 km2
  • A total of more than 6 500 island of which 65 are inhabited.

Aland difere do continente finlandês não somente com respeito ao cenário mas igualmente cultivam e tradições populares. Entre os monumentos do passado são as sepulturas de Vikings "Nativos"' ascendências e as igrejas as mais velhas em Finlandia, datando do 1100s. O orgulho da grelha da tomada de Alanders em sua herança antiga do seafaring. Os consoles de Aland, consistindo sobre 6500 consoles e skerries, foram comparados a uma ponte entre inchaços da província de Finlandia e de Sweden.The de nenhumas menos de dezesseis municipalidades, mas Mariehamn, o capital, é a única cidade. Os 24 000 habitantes são quase sem discurso sueco da exceção. A menção do valor é o estado autônomo apreciado pelo Alanders. Mariehamn é uma cidade um tanto nova fundada em 1861 por Czar Alexander II. que incluem seus subúrbios, Mariehamn tem uma população de 11 000

There are lot of services you can use on Alands, Some are really very special  and for Tourist . 

   Visit a Saltvik in Aland island the Viking Market Here: The Hlödver Viking Market

During the last two years we have seen gigantic strides made tronic-radio equipment  and the end is not yet in sight. Now we are hearing a great deal about micro-miniaturization.  Where will it all end?  No one yet knows; but we are inclined to think that from radio amateur's  viewpoint that the appearance of an all-band transceiver (having a power output 100 to 200 watts PEP) housed in a cabinet the size of a cigar box is more than a few years off! There will always  be a practical size for ham equipment beyond which nothing would be gained by making it any smaller.    The  reason of course that there is so much solid state techniques  is the needed  for such equipment a rocket must lift and carry is very important - but when is so important that a ham transceiver be reduced in weight from 4 to 8 kgs?

This is who can offer a  Transceiver Kenwood TS480 SAT  support services we provide to all radio operators We've provided a number of resources here to help you on , report bugs, and suggest improvements to our products and service. More information abouth Equipment HERE

German DX Foundation is growing year after year. I have to writte some words because they are a Good Example  for other DX Groups, Clubs or Associations.  Nowadays iPromoting and preserving DX is the best think you can do to maintain the Amateur Radio Spirit. Sponsoring DXpeditions, Technical support and lot of actions are vey important for oldt and New Generations Operators. For each DXpeditions they sponsor there are Assisting for QSL Request service  for the Members. It's good to know that our quotation is using for serving DX comunitty with different ways.  Nowadays the DXers are very hard to satisfy, it necesssary with  Dinamic Leaders  for DX groups, Foundations

Bird Watching where you will be. 

 Save the world's most threatened birds...Bird Watching Birdwatching or birding is the observation and study of birds with the naked eye or through a visual enhancement device like binoculars. Birding often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more readily detected and identified by ear than by eye. Most birdwatchers pursue this activity mainly for recreational or social reasons, unlike ornithologists, who engage in the study of birds using more formal scientific methods. Aland Islands is unique for Bird Watching there are endemic birds.


Click for Mariehamn, Finland Forecast


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