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    I Know that Seychelles is a great place and I'm sure that you can certainly enjoy a lot if you          planning to be here. Well, to increase your pleasure let's take a quick look what we are doing here nor just a simple vacations but really  extensive and interesting thing's to do, like enjoy the Beach, the sun , Beautiful paisage the Nature observe and watching Tropical Birds and the famous Turtles some Photography and of course the radio. 

from the trip, make sure that you visit male. You can easily get to this island in a day trip organised by your resort. It is not a very big island and you can cover this island on foot in almost an hour’s time. This place is visited when you arrive and leave Maldives and is the capital of this place.

Scuba diving is one of the most pleasurable things to do when you are on a tour of Seychelles . Every year a lot of people come to this place for taking part in this activity. A lot of under diving sites are present in this region for this purpose.

A live aboard safari is one of the best ways for under diving in this region. You can cruise along all the islands carrying all the amenities in a safari boat.  

My sincere gratitude for following for supporting and help for the last years on different Adventures  


Manuel Alberto Marques CT1BWW/OK8BWW  

Phone, CW.RTTY, PSK  To take charge of Documentation, Licenses, Transceivers, Antennas, Power Amplifier, Logging and Computers and Website.

  • Marq  Manuel Alberto C. Marques,CT1BWW , born in 1959 (Estoril-Portugal) work as salesman Department on a Portuguese Food Spice and seasoning company, he get 1st license as a SWL CTØ783 in 1978 and after 2 years  CT1BWW in (1982),.Over past 25 years he was operating during many contests with different prefixes like ,CQ2, CQ5, CQ6, CQ7, CQ8, CQØ, CQ14,  CR1, CR2, CR4, CR5, CR6, CR7, CR8, CT5,  CT6, CT7, CT8,CT98, CS4, CS5, CS6, CS7, CS8.
  • He attended  the Course on  Complementar Radiotechnician School Fonseca Benevides-Alcântara Lisboa.
  • Is also owner on OK8BWW  callsign on Czech Republic. ( 1st CT Operator with OK  Czech Republic License)
  • Also owner S92BWW San Tomé and Principe Islands.  1st DXPEDITION ON ROLAS ISLAND 
  • Have been operating on Berlenga Island (EU040), Culatra Island (EU145), Insua Island (EU150), pessegueiro island (EU167) Bugio Island (EU040) and others small islands.
  • He is also Award Manager for CT Portuguese Lighthouse Award and BWW Award
  • Member URE Union Radioaficionados Españoles, OKDXC OK DX Club  GDXF German DX Foundation,SRT Strange radioTeam Diamond DX Club, INDEXA International DX Association, CRA Clube Rádios do Atlântico, CTC Crotatian Telegraphy Club.
  • Integrated as member os Team SØ5X on Western Sahara International DXpedition 2003. ( 1st CT Operator on Western Sahara)
  • Other projects 4W/Timor Lorosae
  • Member DX'pedition on Fernando de Noronha Island as PYØF/CT1BWW. 1st CT on Fernando de Noronha
  • Portuguese Web Page :
  • Integrated on LA/CT Arctic Circle Polar Amateur Radio Adventure from Svalbard Archipelago on Longyearbien (EU026) as JW/CT1BWW. Very good experience with Norvegian Hams and with climate .   
  • Member  Co-Organizer de Azores Island DXpedition 2006 at Faial Island CU7X , Pico island CU6X and S.Jorge CU5X.
  • He is Member QSL Manager Society , if you're are looking for a QSL Manager with free coloured cards just contact him  for further informations.
  • MARQ is already apply to  DXCC - TOP HONOR-ROLL #NUMBER1 
  • Also owner C91BWW  in Mozambique
  • Member Bazaruto Island 2006 DXpedition to  as C98BWW  (1st CT Operator on Bazaruto island)
  • Member Saint Martin Island 2007DX'pedition  Island as FS/CT1BWW.  (1st CT Operator on Saint Martin)
  • Member Sint Maarteen Island DX'pedition  2007 as PJ7/CT1BWW.      (1st CT Operator on Sint Marteen)
  • Operator on Polar Year Special Event Station CQ4IPY 
  • Member Christmas  island DX'pedition  2008 as VK9XWW.    ( 1st CT Operator on Christmas Island)
  • Member Aland islands DX'pedition  2009 as OHØ/CT1BWW   
  • Member Seychelles islands DX'pedition 2010 as S79BWW ( 1st CT Operator on Seychelles Island)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Rádio operador .

Obteve a sua licença de operador em 1982 com a estação de CT1BWW após dois anos de rádio escuta com o indicativo CTÆ783. É também titular do indicativo OK8BWW emitido na República Checa, S92BWW par São Tomé e Princípe, e C91BWW para Moçambique.


Actualmente encontra-se no NR1. DXCC TOP Honour Roll . Com uma grande experiência em HF adquirida em mais de 200 Concursos Internacionais.(Contest) e expedições em Ilhas , Castelos e Faróis de Portugal.


É responsável e coordenador do Diploma e das actividades dos rádio amadores nos  Faróis de Portugal.           

Foi um dos elementos da Expedição Internacional ao Deserto do Sahara em 2003 integrado na “SÆ5X”sendo o representando Portugal.


Esteve também a seu cargo a LA/CT Arctic Circle Amateur Radio Adventura, "Uma derradeira aventura no ártico!", aonde operou como JW/CT1BWW na Base de Longyarbien do Arquipélago das Svalbard no Circlo Polar ártico.

Actualmente é coordenador no " DXCiting Group" um grupo que tem por objectivo agregar ao Turismo Lazer e diversas activiadades incluindo o Radioamadorismo. 


The World would not have had the success without the Amateur Radio operators , innovating and improving radio telecommunications.

 Amateur radio is a Hobby with technical as well as social and public service . Amateur radio is covering the entire world. Also known as HAM Radio the Amateur Radio Operators was started by the very founders of Radio Marconi, Hertz many amateur scientists. This Fantastic hobby during many years attracts people from all walks of life (from Kings like King Hussein from Jordain, his Magesty King Juan Carlos from Spain, famous musicians like Joe Walsh , or Movie star like Marlo Brando, Astronaut Yuri Gagarin, or TV Jornalist or the family next door) who are interested in all facets of radio communications.

Involvement in amateur radio allows people to practice their public speaking skills as well as the advancement of one's knowledge of radio theory, electronics, and emergency management. Marconi, and other amateur scientists, took theory and made it real, creating the first radio transmitters and receivers. Amateurs continue to innovate. Amateurs have even been deployed by the military during the great world wars, due to the Amateur skill and knowledge.

DX World.NET new website has gone live today! Ham Radio News for real DX'ers. Keep up to date with live DX News at DX World

DX means "Long Distance" DX World means All DX around the World

The hobby can be as simple as talking on local-area repeaters with those in the same town, to building a satellite or experimenting with new forms of telecommunications. The HAM hobbyist can talk to those on the other side of the earth with nothing more than a simple High Frequency transceiver and an equally simple wire antenna.

Amateur radio is used in search-and-rescue, contests, disaster aid (hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, accidents, fires), DXpeditions and much more. Amateur radio operators talk with other HAM radio hobbyists using all sorts of communication modes. From Morse (CW) Code and voice (SSB/Phone) to Slow Scan Television (SSTV) and computer (Digital RTTY/PSK and other) networking through the radio waves, these hobbyists reach out with goodwill from their homes, cars, boats and outdoors. Some also like to work on electronic circuits, building their own radios and antennas. Dedicated hobbyists have pioneered in new technology, contributing to advances in technology that has impacted the world of communications in all areas of our lives. Even ham-astronauts take radios with them on space shuttle missions, and make calls to earth-bound Amateurs.

This is really a Fantastic Hobby! with hobbyists in all World!

Getting started in Amateur Radio has never been easier. Very easy way to start is to locate a Radio Club or any Amateur radio in your area . Many radio clubs offer ham radio licensing classes, or they can find a club volunteer to answer your questions. You may even be invited to attend a local radio club meeting.
If you are interested in this hobby, look for more informations through the internet ! it is a great way to start!

DXpedition Expeditions to exotic places Made by Amateur Radio operators calls DXpedition this is one of the most interesting activities. They bring everything, Radio Transceivers, Generatores or batteries, antennas, computers and lot of equipments due to guarantee good comuncations world-wide on a small period

Sometimes these places are so attractive for Operators , Exotic countries, paradisiac islands perhaps there are very few radio amateurs active from that place. Many DX-peditions take place from locations with adequate access to electric power, often where the country has a small resident amateur population or where licensing is very difficult

Many Islands at Central America or Indian Ocean , Asia or Pacific island nations, as well as European small countries, have very small populations, but have hotels, reliable power, and supplies, and are easy to gain operating permission in. Nowadays therefore these places are regularly activated by amateurs, often in combination with a family holiday. The amateur must also take care of the basic necessities such as food, water, and health if intend to go some places like in Africa

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Spots on the DX Cluster       

Thanks for those that having spot on the cluster. DX cluster it's a great piece helping those are really interesting on DX.  But You must Spot if you are realy copy in good conditions. I give a simple advice if you ear a DX Station , NEVER Spot on the cluster if you didn't work already: 

JR7CJS-@ 21020.9 S79BWW up1 1256 30 Jul Seychelles 

JR7XOD-@ 21021.0 S79BWW QRZ JA 1132 30 Jul Seychelles 

JE2RMH 21021.0 S79BWW Tks a lot GL 1122 30 Jul Seychelles 

BH7LMD 14270.0 S79BWW 1109 30 Jul Seychelles 

JH2FXK 21021.0 S79BWW cq 1105 30 Jul Seychelles 

JA5NPV 21021.0 S79BWW TNX MANUEL 1004 30 Jul Seychelles 

OM3SX 21021.0 S79BWW 0959 30 Jul Seychelles 

YB0MWM-@ 21260.0 S79BWW 59 IN YB0 0943 30 Jul Seychelles 

HA8KW 21260.0 S79BWW wkd iso TNX QSO Manuel 0940 30 Jul Seychelles 

JA1WLO 21260.0 S79BWW qrz simplex 0931 30 Jul Seychelles 

WH2DX-@ 21260.0 S79BWW cq 0924 30 Jul Seychelles 

JH3EDG 10116.9 S79BWW up 2128 29 Jul Seychelles 

6K5AQY 10117.0 S79BWW up1.3 2122 29 Jul Seychelles 

HL5BLI 10117.0 S79BWW up via CT1BWW 2106 29 Jul Seychelles 

JA4SWL 10117.0 S79BWW UP 2055 29 Jul Seychelles 

RW0LT 10117.0 S79BWW cq 2047 29 Jul Seychelles 

JA4FKX 14030.0 S79BWW UP-1.5. TNX QSO 72. 1918 29 Jul Seychelles 

JA0SWL 14030.0 S79BWW UP2,WKG JA 1904 29 Jul Seychelles 

RU3EG 14030.0 S79BWW 1852 29 Jul Seychelles 

9A4OE-@ 14029.0 S79BWW AF-024 S7FF-004 up1 1641 29 Jul Seychelles 

UA3UCD 14029.0 S79BWW tnx 1611 29 Jul Seychelles 

JA7GYP 14024.0 S79BWW 1429 29 Jul Seychelles 

JH3VWN 21022.0 S79BWW CQ CQ 1352 29 Jul Seychelles 

IT9HLR 21022.0 S79BWW tnx fer qso 1327 29 Jul Seychelles 

JH1QAX 21021.9 S79BWW cq cq 1251 29 Jul Seychelles 

F8ZW-@ 50000.0 S79BWW EXCUSE GUYS IS 21255.0 1244 29 Jul Seychelles 

EA8MT-@ 21255.0 S79BWW 59 tnx Manuel, 73 1233 29 Jul Seychelles 

F8ZW-@ 50255.0 S79BWW CORRECTION CALL SRY 1232 29 Jul Seychelles 

JH1QAX 21254.8 S79BWW cq ja ja 1219 29 Jul Seychelles 

HL5BLI 21020.9 S79BWW On freq, Via CT1BWW 1212 29 Jul Seychelles 

JE3EDJ 21021.0 S79BWW CQJA CQJA 1201 29 Jul Seychelles 

US5XD-@ 10117.0 S79BWW TNX 2310 28 Jul Seychelles 

EA1KE 10118.0 S79BWW 2253 28 Jul Seychelles 

HA5KQ 10117.0 S79BWW CQ CQ 2245 28 Jul Seychelles 

JH8LLE 10118.1 S79BWW 1942 28 Jul Seychelles 

4Z5KO 10118.1 S79BWW 599 TKS 1927 28 Jul Seychelles 

A65BR 10118.1 S79BWW TNX, 73! 1915 28 Jul Seychelles 

UT6LX-@ 14024.0 S79BWW tnx dr. fb qso! 1758 28 Jul Seychelles 

EA2OK 14024.0 S79BWW up3 tnx Manuel 1757 28 Jul Seychelles 

RW3DD 14024.0 S79BWW WFF S7FF-??? 1745 28 Jul Seychelles 

UY2RA 14023.9 S79BWW QSX 14027.00 UP 3 1731 28 Jul Seychelles 

SP9CDA 14024.1 S79BWW Tnx QSO up3 1731 28 Jul Seychelles 

OH2BN 14024.0 S79BWW 1728 28 Jul Seychelles 

VR2XLN 10116.9 S79BWW 1528 28 Jul Seychelles 

JR5XPG 10117.0 S79BWW 1511 28 Jul Seychelles 

UA0APV 10117.2 S79BWW 1506 28 Jul Seychelles 

JH1QAX 18084.0 S79BWW 1332 28 Jul Seychelles 

JA2CWR 18130.0 S79BWW QSL Via CT1BWW 1323 28 Jul Seychelles 

JH3EDG 18130.0 S79BWW qrz ja up up up 1312 28 Jul Seychelles 

JH1QAX 18130.0 S79BWW 1258 28 Jul Seychelles 

9M2RDX 21260.0 S79BWW CQ CQ 1109 28 Jul Seychelles 

9M2RDX 21260.0 S79BWW Tnx Marq 59 sig 0853 28 Jul Seychelles 

IK3EWT 24921.9 S79BWW CQ RTTY 1711 27 Jul Seychelles 

F4TTR 18084.0 S79BWW 1711 27 Jul Seychelles 

DM5TI-@ 18084.0 S79BWW Marq on vacation 1701 27 Jul Seychelles 

UA7G-@ 18083.9 S79BWW via ct1bww Manuel Seychelles 1642 27 Jul Seychelles 

PA0WRS 18083.9 S79BWW wkd simplex 1638 27 Jul Seychelles 

UA6JFG 18084.0 S79BWW 1619 27 Jul Seychelles 

RW6CW-@ 18083.9 S79BWW TNX ! 1501 27 Jul Seychelles 

OK2AOP 18084.0 S79BWW tnx 73 1457 27 Jul Seychelles 

DL7JAN 18083.9 S79BWW iso via CT1BWW Mahe Isl. 1447 27 Jul Seychelles 

OK1TD-@ 18084.0 S79BWW correct freq 1415 27 Jul Seychelles 

OK1TD-@ 18042.0 S79BWW Tnx qso 1412 27 Jul Seychelles 

JA8ZO 18083.8 S79BWW tnx 0708 27 Jul Seychelles 

JH2FXK 18083.8 S79BWW cq 0640 27 Jul Seychelles 

RK3BL-@ 14028.2 S79BWW 0434 27 Jul Seychelles 

F5IN 14028.3 S79BWW 0433 27 Jul Seychelles 

UA3CS-@ 14028.2 S79BWW Tnx Manuel SFF-004. 0430 27 Jul Seychelles 

UT3UA 14028.3 S79BWW 0426 27 Jul Seychelles 

UA6GX-@ 14028.2 S79BWW 0404 27 Jul Seychelles 

SP2OFH 14023.0 S79BWW up2 1707 26 Jul Seychelles 

SM7CBS 14023.0 S79BWW 1700 26 Jul Seychelles 

PA3CNI-@ 14023.4 S79BWW up 1.2; qsl via ct1bww 1659 26 Jul Seychelles

S57S 14023.4 S79BWW nw working Split UP ! 1649 26 Jul Seychelles 

RW9JZ-@ 14023.4 S79BWW 1639 26 Jul Seychelles 

DM5MU 18084.2 S79BWW tnx, nw cq 1449 26 Jul Seychelles 

DJ6YX 18084.0 S79BWW simplex 1433 26 Jul Seychelles 

JA8JTH 18084.0 S79BWW cq ja 1415 26 Jul Seychelles 

N3DG 14024.0 S79BWW NA ONLY Simplex 2201 25 Jul Seychelles 

W5ZR 14024.0 S79BWW Marq 2140 25 Jul Seychelles 

KF4IFF 14270.0 S79BWW 55 FL tks Manny 4 nu 1 2058 25 Jul Seychelles 

CT2IOV 14270.0 S79BWW QSX 14275 tks new one 2051 25 Jul Seychelles 

CT2IOV 14270.0 S79BWW ct2iov 2041 25 Jul Seychelles 

YV5BM 14270.0 S79BWW THANKS FOR 59 MANY 2036 25 Jul Seychelles 

SP3HDU 14270.0 S79BWW tnx. Jan 2031 25 Jul Seychelles

SV2KGA-@ 14270.0 S79BWW 2024 25 Jul Seychelles 

WQ3X 14270.0 S79BWW new op last few minutes 2024 25 Jul Seychelles 

S55O 14270.0 S79BWW QSX 14275.00 1859 25 Jul Seychelles 

DL5AN 14270.0 S79BWW up5 1853 25 Jul Seychelles 

PP1CZ 14270.0 S79BWW Correct Call - Looking S.A. 1846 25 Jul Seychelles 

IW2NWS 14275.0 S79BWW Qsl via CT1BWW 1834 25 Jul Seychelles 

IW1RBI 14270.0 S79BWW 59 in Genoa, easy, gracias.UP 1819 25 Jul Seychelles 

OT2X 14270.0 S79BWW up via ct1bww 1813 25 Jul Seychelles 

OE3SEU 14275.0 S79BWW 59 in Vienna 1807 25 Jul Seychelles 

M0EDX 14270.1 S79BWW up 5, you need yagi to work hi 1805 25 Jul Seychelles 

PA3WB 14270.0 S79BWW 59 tnx 1804 25 Jul Seychelles 

RD3M 14270.0 S79BWW S7FF-004 WFF 1703 25 Jul Seychelles 

IZ4ISC 14270.0 S79BWW tnx qso ciao 1657 25 Jul Seychelles 

EA3GHZ 14270.0 S79BWW Gracias MARQ - UP 1650 25 Jul Seychelles 

UA3RAG 14269.9 S79BWW tnx QSO 73! 1643 25 Jul Seychelles 

EC1KR 14269.8 S79BWW 55 QSX UP Via CT1BWW Tnx 1642 25 Jul Seychelles 

DC2CT-@ 14270.0 S79BWW 5 up 1640 25 Jul Seychelles 

RA3CQ-@ 14269.9 S79BWW up 5 AF-024 S7FF-004 1633 25 Jul Seychelles 

OE3JTB 18140.0 S79BWW nw here 1622 25 Jul Seychelles 

OZ2PBS-@ 14270.0 S79BWW cq scandinavia - Tnx fer new ! 1620 25 Jul Seychelles 

HA5WG-@ 14270.0 S79BWW s7ff-004 1618 25 Jul Seychelles 

EW1KP-@ 14270.0 S79BWW 1608 25 Jul Seychelles 

DC2CT-@ 18135.0 S79BWW SSB ? 1446 25 Jul Seychelles 

4Z5KO 18085.0 S79BWW 599 SIMPLEX 1441 25 Jul Seychelles 

VR2XLN 18084.9 S79BWW 1438 25 Jul Seychelles 

RM9RZ 14053.8 S79BWW AF24 0243 25 Jul Seychelles 

DL1XX 14064.0 S79BWW 1803 24 Jul Seychelles 

RA1QQ-@ 14064.4 S79BWW af-24 1624 24 Jul Seychelles 

JI1LAT 14024.5 S79BWW cq 0647 24 Jul Seychelles 

S54A 14024.0 S79BWW 0407 24 Jul Seychelles 

CT1EHK 14145.0 S79BWW Seychelles 2225 23 Jul Seychelles 

DL7JAN 14023.9 S79BWW wkd 026.5 via CT1BWW tnx 1700 23 Jul Seychelles 

SV1FJF 14023.9 S79BWW SORY 1640 23 Jul Seychelles 

SV1FJF 14032.9 S79BWW 59 1639 23 Jul Seychelles 

JE1FQV 14023.8 S79BWW up2 1629 23 Jul Seychelles 

UY6IM 14023.8 S79BWW TNX 1611 23 Jul Seychelles 

RU4SO-@ 14024.0 S79BWW 1610 23 Jul Seychelles 

ZL2IFB 14023.9 S79BWW SP QSL CT1BWW 0426 23 Jul Seychelles 

A65CA 14024.0 S79BWW tnx! simplex now 0425 23 Jul Seychelles 

UY5AA 14023.9 S79BWW 0414 23 Jul Seychelles 

UV5ERY-@ 14024.0 S79BWW LOST BAGAGE (ANT,PA) ONLY DIPOLE 0405 23 Jul Seychelles 

RA6AR-@ 14024.0 S79BWW WFF S7FF-004, clg EU 1935 22 Jul Seychelles 

HA7UG 14024.0 S79BWW QSX UP S7FF004 1542 22 Jul Seychelles 

A65CA 14024.0 S79BWW only ja???? 1508 22 Jul Seychelles

RX3FS 14024.0 S79BWW QSX 14026.00 1440 22 Jul Seychelles 

JA6BGA 14024.0 S79BWW up1 1409 22 Jul Seychelles




















QSL Cards       

DATED March,19th, QSL Cards LIST that I've already receive direct mail :

N2XWV                     Reply 08.10.10    

NV9W                        Reply 08.10.10    

JE1FQV                     Reply 08.10.10    

MØEDX                      Reply 08.10.10    

JO3MXH                     Reply 08.10.10

SQ6RGH                    Reply 08.10.10

VE1WCP                   Reply 08.10.10

IZ1JLG                      Reply 08.10.10

JF1UOW                   Reply 08.10.10

JA9GPG                     Reply 08.10.10

EA5LV                       Reply 08.10.10

OH2BAH                   Reply 08.10.10

JH8KFE                     Reply 08.10.10

JA9FFK                     Reply 08.10.10

JH3JJS/1                 Reply 08.10.10

JE7YUB/1                Reply 08.10.10

JH1JBV                     Reply 08.10.10

JG1UKW/QRP               Reply 08.10.10

JK1EBA                     Reply 08.10.10

JHØOXS                    Reply 08.10.10

JO7INF/1                 Reply 08.10.10

JA2AIH                     Reply 08.10.10

WF0GM                     Reply 08.10.10

JE2RMH                    Reply 08.10.10

JA8ZO                       Reply 08.10.10

JR1WGW                   Reply 08.10.10

JA7CDV                    Reply 08.10.10

JA4BXU                    Reply 08.10.10

JA1QXC                    Reply 08.10.10

VK3GOM                   Reply 08.10.10

OZ7MHZ                   Reply 08.10.10

JA8JO                       Reply 08.10.10

JR2SCJ                      Reply 08.10.10

JA6FFK                     Reply 08.10.10

JO3AXC                    Reply 08.10.10

JA6CMQ                   Reply 08.10.10

JE6KGB                     Reply 08.10.10

JH4ATX                     Reply 08.10.10

JL1PPS                      Reply 08.10.10

N4DMD                      Reply 08.10.10

JH1AGU                    Reply 08.10.10

PY6HD                      Reply 08.10.10

VK3TDX                    Reply 08.10.10

JA3RQ                       Reply 08.10.10

JF7XKY                     Reply 08.10.10

JA5TNF                     Reply 08.10.10

JA1FGB                     Reply 08.10.10

JG3LGD                     Reply 08.10.10

JS1KQQ                    Reply 08.10.10

JA1HGY                    Reply 08.10.10

JA1LSP                     Reply 08.10.10

JA9BGL                     Reply 08.10.10

JA4DZ                       Reply 08.10.10

JA1KPH                     Reply 08.10.10

JH6JMM                    Reply 08.10.10

KJ4DHB                    Reply 08.10.10

R3/DL5EBE              Reply 08.10.10

7L3LNF                     Reply 08.10.10
W8LGJ                      Reply 08.10.10

VO1DJT                     Reply 08.10.10

VO1KVT                    Reply 08.10.10

KF4IFF                      Reply 08.10.10

JAØKJE                      Reply 08.10.10

JF2RDG                     Reply 08.10.10

VE3ZZ/VY2              Reply 08.10.10

JH1NYM                    Reply 08.10.10

HZ1GW                     Reply 08.10.10

JI1LAT                      Reply 08.10.10

JA1AZN                    Reply 08.10.10

JA3DAY                    Reply 08.10.10

JA5GGB                    Reply 08.10.10

JR1BLX                     Reply 08.10.10

JA2CWR                    Reply 08.10.10

JA7ACM                    Reply 08.10.10

JE4MZA                    Reply 08.10.10

DF6EX                      Reply 08.10.10

DL2OE                      Reply 08.10.10

DL3KUD                    Reply 08.10.10

DL5ZB                       Reply 08.10.10

HBØCC                      Reply 08.10.10

I5FLN                        Reply 08.10.10

OE2SCM                   Reply 08.10.10

JH3HGH                   Reply 08.10.10

JH3ALI                      Reply 08.10.10

JH1XUP                     Reply 08.10.10

JA1YSW                    Reply 08.10.10

JA1VLK                     Reply 08.10.10

JA8BNP                    Reply 08.10.10

JE2VFX                    Reply 08.10.10

JA1SZN                     Reply 08.10.10

JH1LPZ                     Reply 08.10.10

DH3FEN                    Reply 08.10.10

JA7AGO                    Reply 08.10.10

JH7DUM                   Reply 08.10.10

JH7JCX                     Reply 08.10.10

UA9CIM                    Reply 08.10.10

JA9CGW                    Reply 08.10.10

W6BBS                     Reply 08.10.10

JA1IZZ                     Reply 08.10.10

JR6SVM                    Reply 08.10.10

JA8RRF                     Reply 08.10.10

JA6BGA                    Reply 08.10.10

JG8FWH                   Reply 08.10.10

JA1KXT                     Reply 08.10.10

UAØABB                   Reply 08.10.10

UAØAPV                   Reply 08.10.10

JA1IRH                     Reply 08.10.10

JH2PWY                   Reply 08.10.10

JR1FVI                      Reply 08.10.10

SM5ENX                   Reply 08.10.10

JA1BWD                   Reply 08.10.10

JR2YIH                      Reply 08.10.10

JE2SOY                     Reply 08.10.10

JF3BFS                      Reply 08.10.10

JA7PL                         Reply 14.10.10

JH1HHC                     Reply 14.10.10 

JA8BMD                     Reply 14.10.10

JG7MFN                     Reply 14.10.10

JI1FXS                       Reply 18.10.10

JA1WWO                   Reply 27.10.10

JH8GEU                     Reply 29.10.10

RU4SO                       Reply 29.10.10

JA4CHJ                      Reply 29.10.10

E2ØYLM                      Reply 20.11.10

F-59706                    Reply 20.11.10

JA3VUI                       Reply 20.11.10

JF2LFG                       Reply 24.11.10

JP1EPY                       Reply 24.11.10

JI6BWB                      Reply 24.11.10

JE2ILG                        Reply 16.12.10

JA7LGE                       Reply 29.12.10

JF2TOG                       Reply 06.01.11

SV2KGA                      Reply 07.01.11

JQ3WBC                     Reply 11.01.11

JA2ATE                       Reply 13.01.11

JA3KNN                       Reply 13.01.11

DL7USW/P                 Reply 19.01.11

RX6FJ                         Reply 25.01.11

RA9HM                       Reply 25.01.11

JF1XMP                      Reply 24.02.11

PY6RT                        Reply 01.03.11

JR4DSM                      Reply 01.03.11

RD4AAA                     Reply 11.03.11

JR1MTS                      Reply 19.03.11

JA2FUA                      Reply 05.04.11













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