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                                                              East coast of Africa Indian Ocean Adventure from July 17 th until July 31th

Welcome to the home page for East Coast of  Africa Indian Ocean 2010 Adventure.

Create a Web site relating everything about this Seychelles adventure.

Promote more amateur radio adventures and explain how it’s easy to prepare and participate on DXpedition with low costs resource. Try to incentive others to do the same and specially use Amateur Radio serving as for Preserve Nature and Islands.

Establishment of a true friendship between operators and their families, and of course all people involved all people about this situation on Global Warming and "SAVE PLANET!"

Testing antennas and others equipments, for future actions and also for the manufacturers and promote this equipments, softwares, radios, accessories . .

After these last 3 years of active participation in the DXciting, I understood that it was time to come back to walk alone and take my own challenge it proper me and the limits of my creativity and effectiveness. This is Not NEW, is true, but the experience gotten during more than 20 years in Expeditions DX and Amateur Radio activities radio give me comphortable on this matter. The individual success, is the faithful certification of the effectiveness of this method to make radio. Basically, the method is to reduced structure of people, that therefore, allows to present reduction of costs. A Budget is elaborated and in function of this an analysis of the destination of the DX pedition is made. Is activated then one "internal connection" due  to get the maximum of information such as, Licenses, Flights, Village and equipment. It's clearly that all these projects has my personal  intervention directly, but all with coordinating with the the Xyl. At this time and analysis of our Ham Radio activity, if they do not glimpse good times for DXpeditions, not only for the imposed restrictions each time more for the equipment transport over all for airplane, but for the crisis that it compels us cuts in budget for areas as in the trips, and acquisition of equipment. These two subjects had come to question future shares and strategies for DXpeditions and activities of DX. The expeditions are so interesting when we know to give " our personal touch!"                                                                                        

My first contacts at the Seychelles National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission led me to believe that if I acted quickly there was a chance I could get a license in time for my holiday planning for next July. With that in mind, I downloaded the application forms and had all the required documents couriered to the island. The licensing process in Seychelles is somewhat easy. The main problem is that the process is much the same no matter whether you are applying for a temporary amateur license or a commercial broadcasting license.

This DXpedition gave me another experience, ... what happening if you're Baggage get lost ? are you prepaired? in fact every year I bring a wire antenna separately from the  other baggage...just in case!  Well this year the problem comes to me. When I arrived at Mahé Airport i didn't believe that the baggages are lost and didn't come on airplane. Due the Problem on Airfrance Strike in Paris only at 26 of July I receive the antennas. Anyway I made all effort to have a signal on the air even with a 100 Watts.  The propagation conditions didn't help and I know that my signals are Not as expected, the good things are that most of the Stations I've worked most have a good antenna system. 

Most of Hams spend lot of money on amplifiers and superfolus things like equalizers, special microphones etc.etc and forgot that the most important  think ...the antenna. If you don't have a good antenna you can copy DX stations working barefoot. Unfortunately I couldn't use my ALS500 with Swittiching High Current PSU. But Enjoyed very Much working Asia, Pacific, North Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. I've lucky to cover all Japan ( over 800 QSO's) copy most of Asia with good RST Levels.  North European has excellent Signals instead South of Europe very low signals. North and South America when opening the signals were very good. Was nice to work Pacific Stations and Oceania. Here how you 

can ear me on 10 Mhz  (thanks to JA0RUG for the "photo")

The team from left to right Juan Carlos S79SAL, Nela (ct1bww xyl)  Marije (ea2rc xyl) and Marq S79BWW

We've a great Honour and Pleasure to meet personally Thomas Fonseca S79TF ex VQ9TF great CW Operator during "Seventies". The Vertical antenna that I use for 10 to 40 Meters.

Here you Can see the QSL Cards, as usual a excellent work from LZ1YE Printing Service. The Cards Show the GIANT TURTLE , My Working Conditions and the Famous Anse Forbans BAY! I will inform on the Web-site when the package arrives and when I Start sending the QSL Cards.

Cards Just Arrived from LZ1YE Qsl Printing Choise! First Group about 150 Cards have already been send by Post mail today 08.10.10. Thanks for you interest on Seychelles 2010. It's with a great pleasure that we receive the News that our DXpedition was on the list of the Best 28 for German DX Foundation more information you can see here! Only Members can Vote !

The Best Place for a GREAT Vacations Please take a look at the Blog here

The fact is the World became's Small with This is one of the Best Web-Site for DX Informations and all Amateur radio activities around the world. Please take a look here :

Choose the best time to call S79BWW .  Be aware of propagation.  Check the solar figures and propagation predictions.  



August 3th
List of QSL Cards Receive Directly
August 3th
Upload Logs-on-line
July 30th
The S79BWW ending at 18h30 Z 
July 17th
 - Lost Baggage in AIRFRANCE Flight due a Strike in Paris airport 
July 17th

- Will be on-the-air on FEW HOURS 

 April 15th



- Application for ARLHS Lighthouse Award NEW REFERENCE - NOT VALID 

- Operation Valid for WFF World Flora Fauna


- Received  License for S79BWW

 March 10th


- Documentation for S79BWW

- Looking for QSL Card Sponsors

- Village at Mahé Confirmed 


- Starts Seychelles Adventure 2010


- Contacts for the Village and best Fares

 Fevereiro 24th (11:00 z)

- Contacting  for Documentation and License 

- The first contacts for the Mahé or Praslin

 Janeiro 06th


- Project Seychelles Adventure 2010

Surveys Closed!

In which mode do you need S7?
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In which band do you need S7?
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Getting permission to operate from Seychelles  took many weeks of negotiating and the total budget  Flight and Village cost me a lot of money. I had almost given up even before It wasn't long before I changed my mind. However, once the XYL finally agreed to it the rest was relatively easy. Since this will  be a holiday trip I don't want to spend all the time playing radio.  IOTA It's one of my favorite contests and would make the perfect opportunity for a little DX operating on this South East Africa adventure. S79 is a rare multiplier in the contest  "DX" contact. Signing S79BWW  from the sunny South East Africa Indian  Ocean . I started. Back in the winter after the URE Convention in Madrid at December.  I started looking around for a Village or a Resort for the station on the island to operate from. A few inquiries were made I've some  difficulties but finally I founded a place with permition for antennas . Since all available information said it took several months to get a S7 license I was pretty sure my time had run out. I mentioned the situation to George, DK7LX, during is stay  with his  Xyl at  Lisbon last year, (before the Macao Trip)  we've met for the dinner . Soon I was corresponding with some others that have been operated from Seychelles.

All applications have to be personally signed by the Minister of Telecommunications and of course they have to negotiate several layers of burocracy both before and after they hit the Minister's desk. Fortunately, the islanders are the friendliest people on earth and there was certainly no lack of will on their part to get me licensed in time for the holidays. A special thanks, though, is reserved for Bernd DL7UCX. His detailed information on how to obtain a S7 license was invaluable  due to complete the final paperwork. Concurrent with licensing was the issue of finding a place to operate from

Seychelles a very nice place for Radio at Holliday . 

During past Amateur Radio expeditions was  the only way to keep in touch with the modern world from the remotest of the places. Nowadays this is Not difficult, but still are some places that NO Amateur Radio activity give the chance to have some fun .  

Now with my own gear  radio equipment for this operations the first step was easy. It will only be a short stay there (just 2 weeks),   so not necessary big effort on the antennas for longest time. I  will  operate holliday style having my XYL with me, 

That our QTH is located at Anse Forbans National Park it's a great pleasure to give a SEY004 as New Reference for all World Fauna and Flora enthusiasts.

I've  look for some more detail about seychelles lighthouses and found only that near by is the Police Point Light, so decide to ask a NEW REFERENCE to ARLHS Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society unfortunately this LIGHT is NOT Valid for ARLHS. I  will use  a Kenwood TS480s, with a vertical Force 12 XK40 and some wire, hardware,  and operate HF to 6m. QSL as usual via home call.
One of the real thrills offered to licensed amateur radio operator is the opportunity to work DX.                                         
That thrill is trebled when the DXing is done from some exotic out-of-the way place like Seychelles  (DXCC S7) in Indian Ocean.
Unfortunately most of us have neither the time nor the money to travel extensively... crossing oceans to far-flung islands on Pacific. We may never visit the other continents nor hope to ham from the moon.
However, there is nothing to prevent any ham from sharing in the thrill of a DXpedition within reach of a simple transportation, in short vacation periods, and best of all on a exotic island, like this place.



Here some entities that offer support for SEYCHELLES DXpedition:


The islands were first sighted at the beginning of the 16th century, by Vasco  da 

Gama, a  Portuguese  navigator in 1502, but the Portuguese did not attempt to 

settle there there.
The first settlers arrived in the 1770's, these were French planters and their slaves.
 In 1810 the British took control of the islands and administered them from Mauritius

 until the beginning of the 20th century, when they were made a separate Crown 

 It wasn't until 1964 that political parties surfaced, and at this point two parties

 formed: the Seychelles People's United Party (SPUP) led by France-Albert Rene 

and the Democratic Party (SDP) led by James Mancham.

The SPUP demanded complete independence, but the SDP wanted the Seychelles 

to have  association with Britain.

Divulge Seychelles  and hospitality of the islanders people.
Promote DX and Preserve Amateur Radio, occupy HF Amateur radio 

Alert on World-wide Preservation the fauna, birds, animals, 

and nature…

The first elections in the country resulted in stalemate.
Although in the 1970 elections the SDP won by a majority, 

Mancham could not persuade Britain that association would be better than complete independence.
In 1976 independence was granted, and the first government was formed through 
an amalgamation of both the SPUP and the SDP. 

The president of this group was Mancham and the prime minister was Rene, Mancham only remained in power for a very short time 

due to his extravagant plans and in 1977 when he was away attending a Commonwealth Conference in London, a coup was staged, and Rene assumed 

the presidency.
In 1981 a group of mercenaries attempted a coup, this nearly succeeded, but its cover was blown when going through airport customs an officer discovered 

a sub-machine gun. 

In mid 1982 there was an army revolt, but this was quickly suppressed. Mancham still has some support.


UMA AVENTURA NO OCEANO ÍNDICO. Que existem lugares e momentos únicos no mundo, já todos sabemos. 

Mas sabia que estes momentos e lugares podem passar de sonho a realidade? Pois bem Seychelles é um Paraíso ao alcance dos aventureiros 

e de todos os que amam a Natureza. Lembram-se de Aldabra e o seu Paraíso Natural ? Pois este ano decidimos viajar para SUL o destino 

é o Arquipélago das Seychelles, o QTH foi na  Ilha de Mahé a maior do Arquipélago aonde se enconta a sua Capitalç Victoria e o Aeroporto internacional . 

Esta actividade tem a particularidade de ser a Primeira válida para o Diploma dos Parques Naturais.  A operação vai ser em Fonia e 

em  maioria em CW, lembramos que a Referência IOTA é AF-02


Após estes últimos 3 anos de participação activa na DXciting, entendi que era tempo de voltar a caminhar sozinho e 

desafiar-me a mim próprio e os limites da minha criatividade e eficácia. O projecto Não é NOVO, é verdade , 

mas a experiência obtida durante mais de 20 anos em Expedições DX e actividades de radio são um aliado. 

O sucesso individual, são o testemunho fiel da eficácia deste método de fazer rádio. Básicamente, o método acenta 

numa estrutura reduzida de pessoas, que por conseguinte , permite apresentar redução de despesas . 

É entãoelaborado um Budget e em função deste é feita uma análise do destino da DXpeditiion, é activada então uma 

"rede" interna no sentido de obter o máximo de informações tais como, Licenças, Flights, Village e equipamento. 

É claro que todos estes projectos têm a minha intervenção directa e individual , mas todos devidamenete coordenados e com 

o acompanhamento da Xyl. Neste época de balanços e análise da nossa actividade Radioamadorística, não se vislumbram 

bons tempos para DXpeditions, não só pelas restrições cada vez mais impostas para o transporte de equipamentos 

sobretudo por avião, mas pela crise que obriga-nos a cortes nos budget para áreas como nas viagens, e aquisição 

de equipamentos. 

Estes dois temas vieram questionar acções e estratégias para futuras DXpeditions e actividades de DX. 

As expedições são tão interessantes quando sabemos lhe dar o "toque certo" quero com isto dizer 

que não precisamos de ir para uma ilha nos confins do planeta para conseguir um bom "pile up!".

Que existem lugares e momentos únicos no mundo, já todos sabemos.
É este projecto que queremos partilhar consigo. Ao consultar o nosso site, terá acesso a toda a informação relativa
a esta aventura,  Esta é a nossa aposta. Faça também a sua aventura, Turismo, Natureza e Radioamadorismo. 

Durante muitas décadas, o principal argumento de captação de novos radioamadores era o DX , hoje em pleno Século XXI os desafios das

comunicações são mais abrangentes e envolvem mais o radioamador. Não basta saber sobre as formas e meios de transmissão e 

recepção e técnica torna-se necessário adquirir mais  conhecimentos técnicos tais como física, informática etc.. Também é verdade que hoje é mais fácil obter informação
mas sobretudo o que torna mais aliciante é sem dúvida a obtenção livre de conhecimentos.


I will take my Force 12 XK40 Antenna and Wires Dipoles . He suggested that while he'd squeeze me in somewhere if it became necessary, 

he also had a well-equipped suitcase portable station Kenwood TS480S with internal tuner, and ALINCO DM33OMVE power supply. 

I've permittion for the antennas which I scoped out the resort and found the perfect spot to 

string up the G5RV from a 4th floor stairwell window over to a convenient tree in the courtyard and our 2nd floor balcony was exactly half 

way in between. I thought long and hard about how to ask about putting up the antenna. In the end I decided it sounded better to describe 

it as 'a wire aerial for my radio' instead of a 'hundred foot long ham radio antenna'. I shouldn't have worrried. The resort specialized in 

catering to their guests needs and the best line I heard on the whole trip was 'Are you sure you wouldn't like us to have the maintenance 

workers put up your antenna for you?' Now that's service! 

With the license in hand (it's actually a very official looking 10-page document, printed and bound!) and the XK40  hung in the garden 

near the beach it was time to get on the air. I knew what I wanted to do so after an hour of flipping through the manual I had 

the mic gain, ALC  and compression set up and programmed the voice memories. 

I want with this to say that we do not need to go for an island in the confines of the planet to obtain good " pile up! "

Listen listen listen!  If you hear S79BWW pileup or see us spotted on the DXcluster, please don’t jump straight in.  

You will not be able to work S79BWW if you can’t hear ME, so first find exactly teh  transmission frequency and set up your transceiver 

and antenna properly.

Choose the best time to call S79BWW .  Be aware of propagation.  Check the solar figures and propagation predictions.  

If conditions are poor to your part  of the world, please hold on until they improve. If propagation opens up for DX QSOs, I may start 

calling specific areas or continents but only for a while, I promise. I'm conscient of the short greyline openings to North America and Asia, 

and I will be looking for long path as well as short path openings when the time is right.  

If I work some juicy DX in a run of ordinary QSOs, we may put the pileup on hold and call for more DX to take advantage of the opportunity.  

Be patient with me: I like working DX too!

When you call, please give your complete callsign just once or at most twice, then listen for a moment and, if I have not come back to 

someone, call again in the same way.  Everyone should be listening far more than they transmit.

Listen carefully to what we are sending.  Always send your full call. If we send “B?” and your call does not contain an L, 

then just stand by for a moment: 

I'm  not talking to you.  If we send “EA3B?” we are probably not calling SP3C something, and certainly not IV3AAA.  

If you keep on transmitting regardless, you will only prolong the agony for everyone and you may be blacklisted.  Be nice people.  

We all want to play.

I will use a Microm HamKeyer  interface for the computer .  

I will bring my Square Racer Vibroplex Paddle, I'm not a big CW operator but 

i will take part at the IOTA contest 

I was going to give the CW part of the contest  are two of the few where 

the exchange is simple and the operators don't seem to feel the need to send 

CW at 40wpm

We know lots of you will be calling  and I will do our level best to work you all 

as effectively as possible.  I will try to adopt a consistent rhythm and sensible 

speed for the conditions . I enjoy DXing and contesting, though, so ...!let's go!

S79BWW will be the First OFFICIAL Operation for WORLD FLORA AND FAUNA Award. 

Transmiting integrated at Anse National Park SEY WWF 004.


This Operation is valid for "W-ZONE 39 AWARD"  . All Rules about this beautiful award you can get here.


On September 2008, Richard Wright leave us, but we will never forget all the good things.

You are, by far, the best musical group of all time. you’ve been my favorite since the ’70’s. I was very stunned to hear 

of Rick Wrights passing. He’s playing that “Big Gig In The Sky” now. Rest In Peace, Rick. You’re in a better place now!

Pink-Floyd still one of the Best Bands in the world. I will never forget they are the greatest band there ever has been 

and ever will be … just like someone below said you changed my life forever and to see a reunion so i can see you 

guys live before we all die i would just die feeling accomplished even if i die poor i don’t care i got to see pink floyd 

in a sense … also just like dark side of the rainbow there is a new ... life! Pink Floyd’s music helped me through some 

of the hardest times in my life. Every musician involved in the making of there music from Piper to The Final Cut to their 

solo careers is absolutely amazing. My life couldn’t be what it is today without them all.


A 1600 Kms da Costa Oriental de África sem pleno  Oceano Índico situa-se o arquipélago das Seychelles. 

Formado por cerca de 115 ilhas todas diferentes de umas e outras têem em comum a Natureza . 

Diferentemente de outras ilhas oceânicas, as Seychelles não são de origem vulcânica, mas parecem ser os picos 

de um enorme planalto submerso que se destacou da Índia há 65 milhões de anos. 

As três ilhas centrais - Mahé, Praslin e La Digue - são de formação granítica, enquanto as circunstantes são 

atóis coralinos. As Seychelles estão entre as ilhas mais fascinantes do mundo graças às suas praias brancas, 

dignas de cartão-postal, à beleza do fundo do mar e também às paisagens internas enriquecidas pela flora exótica e 

por montanhas maravilhosas. Por estar muito afastado do continente e ser de colonização recente, o arquipélago 

abriga espécies de pássaros que não se encontram em nenhum outro lugar do mundo, e por isso algumas ilhas são 

verdadeiros santuários ornitológicos. 

As estações são marcadas pelos ventos alísios que sopram de sudeste, de maio a outubro, influenciando positivamente 

o clima; a temperatura nunca é inferior a 24°C. 

As Seychelles ficaram desabitadas até 1609, quando um navio inglês da Companhia das Índias Orientais aproou numa 

das ilhas. Nos anos que se seguiram, o arquipélago tornou-se uma base de piratas que se transferiram do Caribe para o 

Oceano Índico. Em 1742, o governador da Ilha Maurício, Mahé de la Bourdonnais, mandou um navio de reconhecimento. 

O capitão, chamado Picault, deu à ilha o nome de Mahé, em homenagem ao governador, abrindo assim o caminho para a 

colonização francesa. Em 1770, a França enviou um navio de colonos e de escravos que deram início à cultivação 

de especiarias, mandioca, cana-de-açúcar, café, batata-doce, milho.
     Em 1814, após a derrota de Napoleão, os ingleses tomaram posse das ilhas.
     Em 1976, o arquipélago obteve a independência e logo se tornou uma das metas turísticas tropicais mais exclusivas; 

porém, ao mesmo tempo teve início um longo período de instabilidade política 

que se prorrogou até os anos 90. Durante esses anos, consolidou-se um tímido processo de democratização que ainda 

hoje continua. Nas Seychelles não existe uma população autóctone e, por isso, são fortes as influências da cultura africana, 

malgaxe, indiana e europeia, geralmente definida como "Cultura Crioula". Os idiomas oficiais são o inglês e o francês, falados 

pela maioria da população; todavia, o idioma mais usado é o crioulo francês, também chamado "kreol Seselwa", 

que foi declarado semi-oficial em 1981 e difunde-se sempre mais na imprensa e na literatura. A maior parte da população 

é católica e quase todos são praticantes fervorosos, mas muitos ainda acreditam nos "Gris", os antigos espíritos mágicos, 

e recorrem aos 'Bons-hommes" e às "Bonnes-femmes du bois", ou seja, feiticeiros que fazem sortilégios e preparam poções, 

sem levar em conta o fato que em 1958 foi banida oficialmente a feitiçaria.


Para chegarmos ás  Seychelles teremos que percorrer quase 10.000 Kms voaremos primeiro até Paris e depois dali para o Sul

para Mahé. Já tivemos a Grande satisfação de provar a comida Creoula primeiro em São Tomé e Principe depois em 2006

em Moçambique e finalmente em Saint Martin em pleno Caribe também desgustámos a comida Crioula.

Seychelles estão entre as melhores ilhas do Oceano Índico onde saborear a cozinha crioula. 

Os ingredientes básicos são o peixe e o arroz; a fruta, a verdura, as ervas e as especiarias 

são usadas de modo extremamente criativo. 

Mahé é a maior ilha entre as de formação granítica; tem 27 quilômetros de comprimento, 8 de largura e acolhe 

aproximadamente noventa por cento da população do arquipélago. É coberta por uma vegetação tropical densa e

luxuriante, onde crescem coqueiros, bananeiras, mangueiras e árvores do pão. São muitas as praias que são caracterizadas 

por uma areia branca incontaminada e por rochas de granito, principalmente na região sul; a parte interna é extremamente 

sugestiva graças às montanhas, sendo o "Morne Seychellois" o pico mais alto, com cerca de 903 metros de altitude. 

Situada na ilha de Mahé, Victoria, ou Port Victoria, é uma das menores capitais do mundo, e também o único porto das 

Seychelles caracterizado pelo tráfico constante de ferries-boat, barcos, iates e navios de cruzeiro de todas as partes do 

mundo.Victoria é a única cidade do arquipélago propriamente dita, pois os outros centros habitados são apenas vilarejos.

Na capital, típica cidade crioula com uma mistura de raças e culturas, tem lugar um mercado muito original que propõe uma 

grande variedade de peixes, legumes e especiarias, bastante usadas na cozinha local.
Victoria é, no seu conjunto, uma cidade jovem, cujas ruas, que iniciam no centro, foram reconstruídas nos últimos vinte anos, 

dando à cidade um aspecto moderno e limpo. O Palácio da Justiça e o Correio Central remontam ao período colonial e, 

juntamente com algumas casas antigas e algumas lojas, são os únicos testemunhos arquitetônicos do passado. 

No centro encontra-se o "Museu de História Natural" com alguns exemplos da grandíssima variedade da interessante fauna 

da ilha, com os restos de um navio de 1570 e diversos artefatos. 

O "Museu Nacional de História" repercorre os acontecimentos do arquipélago, desde o descobrimento até os dias actuais. 

Worked All Zones is a Great challlenger for every Amateur Radio Operator.  Zone 39 is one of the World Zones with some difficulty 

to get this is because there aren't Not Many Hams actives.

There mostly on  3  islands with residente Hams 5R-Madagascar,  FR-Reunion Island and VQ9-Chagos Island. The other DXCC entities are 

rare just for temporary operations  you can get S7 Seychelles, D6 Comoros, FR/G Glorioso FR/J Juan de Nova , FR/E Europem FR/T Romelin, 

3B6 Agalega, 3B7 St.Brandon, 3B8 Mouritius , 3B9 Rodrigues , FT5W Crozet, FT5X Kerguelen, FT5Z Amstedan and St. Paul  and VKØ Heard Island.


Click for Seychelles, Seychelles Forecast



East coast of Africa Indian Ocean Adventure from July 17 th until July 31th 

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